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We strive to reach as far and wide as possible in promoting Japan through its traditional and modern produce, and engaging users to explore the vast range of what Japan has to offer through a delightful shopping experience. We are committed to raise and maintain awareness to the uniqueness of Japanese cultural and artistic activities, its attention to details and aesthetics. While doing so, we work with the local community, and support local business growth.

Approach & Culture

We celebrate the differences and uniqueness of each individual and promote integrity, self-initiative, and a multicultural state of mind. We believe that opinion should be heard, and we listen humbly. We encourage exploration and creation, and are not afraid of doing old things in new ways. Our customers (you) are the most important part of our operation, and we keep them (you) in mind throughout our decision making.

Promoting cultural awareness

The Japanese culture is one of the richest on the planet! The number of cultural activities and traditions is overwhelming, and many of these activities and traditions have been spread throughout the world, enriching the lives of millions. One of our missions is to keeps these cultural activities alive and vibrant, and spark interest to explore these unique cultural activities and traditions. We wish to introduce parts of the Japanese culture into daily lives of people from around the world.

Environmentally conscious

We care about our planet and share a deep concern to the impact of industries on our environment and the life within it. We strive to use as less non-degradable and non-recyclable materials as possible, do our best to match packaging to its contents, and make sure we are conscious about the environment as we go about our daily work.

What the hell is Hakataten?

Hakata (博多) is a ward within Fukuoka city – located in Kyushu island in the south of Japan. Ten (店) means shop or store. So, you guessed it! – “Hakata Shop”. Hakata is one of the oldest towns in Japan, which was later renamed Fukuoka – where Hakataten is based. For all of you ramen fans out there, Hakata (Fukuoka) is the home of Tonkotsu ramen (AKA Hakata ramen), as well as some other famous dishes and sweets. The people in Fukuoka are known to be warm and chilled compared with other parts of Japan. It’s a fun city, you should visit sometime. 😊

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